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We are a full service automotive repair and maintenance shop providing consistent and friendly service to our customers.

What We Do

Expert Automotive Service & Truck Repair

We provide expert automotive service and repair on your car, suv, truck and RV.  We are a full service automotive repair and maintenance shop providing consistent and friendly service to our customers.

Sawchuk’s Garage is an AASP Gold Star Shop. Our technicians are ASE certified, having studied and passed the rigorous certification programs in various automotive specialties, including two Master Technicians who have achieved certification in all phases of the program

Who We Are

Our Services


Air Conditioning

We provide full air conditioning and heating system diagnostics, repairs and service (including the new R1234 systems).



We are alignment specialists and can handle all makes of cars as well as trucks, motorhomes, specialty vehicles, vehicles with altered suspensions and dual rear wheel or extended bed vehicles


Brake Work

We are your #1 stop (pun intended) for any and all brake repairs.


Computer Diagnostics

We are equipped and qualified to perform diagnostic services on all of your vehicle’s computer systems.


State Inspection

For vehicles under 7000 lbs, Pennsylvania allows your vehicle to be inspected up to 2 months prior to their expiration month. For example, if your current inspection sticker expires in May, we can inspect your vehicle anytime from March 1st on and still issue you a May sticker.


Emission Testing

Our Pennsylvania state and ASE certified technicians will properly test your vehicle’s emissions systems to keep you legal, protect our environment and help you save money on fuel.


Cooling System

We offer full cooling system services for your vehicle from coolant changes to component replacement.


Fuel System Service

Total fuel system maintenance is available from fuel filter replacement to fuel injector services.


Oil Service

An oil service at Sawchuk’s Garage includes change of oil and filter as well as a visual inspection of your vehicle, check of all fluids, lights, and wiper blades.


Preventive Maintenance

Sawchuk’s Garage can provide all factory scheduled maintenance services to keep your warranty intact.


Transmission Rebuild

Sawchuk’s Garage offers quality in-house transmission rebuilding for all makes and models of vehicles.  We’d be pleased to give you a quote.


Transmission Service

Your transmission fluid should be changed according to the mileage schedule in your owner’s manual, or sooner if it becomes dark or dirty.  Most transmission fluid should be a clear red color.  If your vehicle has a transmission dipstick, you should check the fluid level and condition periodically.  Many new vehicles do not provide easy access to the transmission fluid and some do not even have a dipstick.  Our technicians are qualified to perform transmission service on any make or model of vehicle.


Road Trip Service

Our Road Trip Service includes:

  • visual inspection of major components
  • check headlights, taillights, brake lights and turn signals
  • check all tires for tread and air pressure, including spare
  • check windshield wipers and washers
  • fluid check (oil, brake, coolant, transmission, windshield washer)
  • check fluid in differential, transfer case, if applicable)

Make an appointment to have us go over your vehicle before your next over-the-road adventure!



We diagnose and repair starting problems, test and repair charging systems and provide battery replacement.  We do carry A C Delco batteries.



We offer repair or replacement of any suspension part, as appropriate, including air spring suspensions.


Tire Mount and Balance

The Hunter Road Force Technology system utilized at Sawchuk’s Garage allows our technicians to perform a computer simulated road test on your wheels and tires.  In this way we can balance your tires more precisely to your wheels to prevent vibration and wear. 

We can mount and balance tires for any vehicle up to and including medium-duty trucks.


Tire Repair

If you pick up a nail or screw in your tire, lose air pressure regularly, or have a blow out, we can repair or replace your tire.   If you want to replace your tires for any reason, check with us for pricing.


Tire Replacement

We can supply tires of all makes, sizes and price ranges, depending upon your needs.  If you want to replace your tires for any reason, check with us for pricing.  We do need you to give us your current tire size (embossed on the sidewalls).


Tire Rotation

Regular tire rotation increases tire life and provides a smoother, safer ride.  If you coordinate a tire rotation with your state inspection, we will rotate your tires free of charge and charge you for balancing only.


Tune up

We provide tune up services for all vehicles.  Tune up needs vary greatly between older vehicles and newer models.  Our subscription data systems allow us to access manufacturer’s information for each vehicle by make, model and date of manufacture.   Discuss your vehicle’s needs with us when the time comes.


Used Car Check

If you are considering the purchase of a used vehicle, why not let us check it over for you before you make your final decision?  We will check major mechanical systems (suspension, brakes, exhaust), body and frame condition, operation of lights, turn signals, windshield wipers and washers, appearance of wheels and tires, and fluid levels and conditions.  We will road test the vehicle, with the permission of the vehicle owner, and our report to you will detail our findings.


Electrical Repairs

Sawchuk’s Garage has the latest in computer diagnostic equipment for accurate testing of your vehicle’s complex electrical management systems.


Warranty Maintenance

Sawchuk’s Garage can provide all factory scheduled maintenance services required to keep your manufacturer’s warranty intact.  We also handle work covered under extended warranties.  Sorry, but we can not perform warranty repairs covered by your vehicle manufacture’s warranty. 


Windows, Doors, Locks

We can repair your inoperable windows or doors, change locks, reprogram keys and arrange to have windshields replaced while your vehicle is at our shop.  Please speak with our Service Manager for further details.


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